Food For Thought

Sometimes we think we have to travel to another country to help people in poverty. But we forget there are different kinds of poverty. In this country, loneliness and isolation have become official epidemics. 

Although they are not dying to get their hands on a little bread, they may be aching for some human connection. I think we are learning that social feeds, Zoom meetings, chat rooms and Metaverse make cheap substitutes for breaking bread together.

Mother Teresa said it best, “Loneliness is the Leprosy of the West.” 

The good news is that we don’t need to become missionaries or doctors to heal this kind of poverty, all we have to do is invite people to our table. Not because we feel sorry for lonely people, but because we have all felt lonely and disconnected at one point in our lives. 

So let’s go past the theoretical and get practical: Make a list of the people in your life that may not often get a dinner invite and make it a point to have them over. And if you aren’t comfortable doing that, you can do one of two things:

  1. Start by inviting them out to eat to a restaurant. Invite a third couple to take the pressure off of you to keep a conversation going! 
  2.  Invite two couples to your home and grab this free resource called 10 One Pot Meals Perfect for Gatherings. I’ve made a list of super easy meals to pull together when you have people coming over! Don’t worry about entertaining, simple is best when it comes to making people feel comfortable in your home! 


    You can’t beat easy and delicious food!

    If you have questions about what to serve, email me and I’m happy to share!