Make a Family-Friendly Dinner Every Night with These 3 Seasonings!

I've talked to hundreds of moms along the years and there are TWO THINGS that will kill your motivation to cook dinner faster than you can say "I'd like to order a pizza, please." 

Reason #1 is Picky Eaters

If your family doesn't find what you are cooking appealing, then they aren't going to eat it. And if they don't eat it, it's just going to go down the drain with your money and motivation. But before you resign yourself to cooking chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for life, know that there are recipes out there that showcase ingredients kids love while downplaying other ingredients that they may not love so much. Read on if you want to grab some of my kid-favorite recipes.

Reason #2 is After-School Sports & Activities

I think sometimes our Sunday-Evening-Self gets a little trigger happy with the planning and the sticky notes and the Pinterest boards. We have high hopes for the coming week and want to make sure that dinner time doesn't get waylaid by the weeknight madness that can ensue...and yet, we often end up throwing in the towel when your Weeknight-Self has to go up to the school to deliver forgotten soccer cleats and Hubby is running late and some other kid has to be somewhere like ten minutes ago! So, Mama, let me say this loud and clear: 

Weeknight Meals should be simple. And by simple, I mean they need to: 

  • Come together quickly.
  • Consist of easy-to-find ingredients.
  • Have easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Be delicious and flavorful.

Let's not underestimate the power of keypoint #4!!! If your cooking is delicious, your people will eat and if they eat, you'll want to cook. It's a beautiful cause and effect, isn't it.

These 3 Seasoning Blends have become family favorites because they are delicious and come with sure-fire winners that your kids will love!

Herban Legend Seasoning Blend is our best-selling blend because it goes perfectly with chicken, potatoes, beef and other vegetables. I’ve had so many moms reach out to me and tell me that THIS seasoning changed their family dinners. In fact, one mom recently told me that her little girl asked if she had finally gone to cooking school! Grab your kid-friendly recipes:

Little Eataly Seasoning Blend makes delicious Italian flavors happen in a pinch! Whip up easy spaghetti sauce and Mustard Seed’s most kid-friendly soup in minutes! This will become your go-to Italian Blend. Grab you kid-friendly recipes:

Texy-Mexy Seasoning Blend is the perfect taco seasoning that is loaded with flavor without any of the junk you find in grocery store seasoning blends. With just a hint of spice, it will demystify Mexican-style cooking for you and make your kids ask for seconds! Grab your kid-friendly recipes:

These recipes may not be fancy-schmancy, but they are simple and delish dinners that your families will love. Try one of them and let me know how it goes. I got a feeling that weeknight dinners are about to go up a notch or two in your home!  Here’s to Happy Cooking and happy little campers at the dinner table!