What You Don’t Know about Curry….

If the name of the Signature Seasoning Blend Suburban Curry doesn’t invite you to cook one of it’s recipes, let me ease you into the world of family-friendly curry:

Curry is not a seasoning blend per se, it is a word invented by the British during their colonial rule in India as a way to describe the flavor profile of typical sauces in India. In fact, it is derived from the Tamil word, “kari”, which means “sauce”. 

The actual spice blends are what we, Americans, think of when we think of “curry”. It invokes yellow and red foods made up of warm and spicy notes. It’s not warm in the sense that it is hot; but a medley of exotic flavors that blend together to create warmth.

I often hear from customers that they don’t like curry. To say that one does not like curry is like saying they don’t like sauce. And while that may be true one has to assume they mean all sauces from a light marinara to mayonnaise to a creamy Alfredo sauce. Curries vary from light, non-spicy and vegetarian dishes to rich, creamy and spicy meat dishes. You can have curry from Thailand which is located in Southeast Asia which consists of lemongrass and copious amounts of ginger.  This differs from common curries found in India which contain more warm notes from cinnamon, cardamom and cumin. 

My blend of Suburban Curry takes all the warm notes of curry and mellows them out for a smooth, balanced blend of flavors that hints at turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and a teeny bit of coconut. 

My kids, who are not “curry” fans, enjoy most of the dishes I make with this family-friendly blend and I invite you to bring a little warmth to your table with the following dishes:



Curried Beef & Potatoes

If you didn’t think ground beef lends itself to the subtle notes of curry, think again. This meat medley is complemented with potatoes and peas. I serve it over white rice for a delicious and soulful meal that won’t scare the locals.


Coconut Curry Chicken with Potatoes

This one-pot meal is perfect at the end of a long day and it doesn’t hurt if it’s a little cool outside. The coconut milk in this dish adds sweetness and creaminess but it won’t throw the kids off too much as you can’t go wrong with chicken and potatoes. WORD TO THE WISE: If you are introducing this new dish to your kids, I’d serve one thigh and a few potatoes over a bowl of white rice. I’d let them try the sauce on the side.

Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

This soup “pears” well with a grilled cheese sandwich. If you can’t get your kid to eat a bowl, at least encourage them to use the soup as a “dipping sauce” for the sandwich. Although a warm bowl of creamy and sweet butternut can’t be beat. I am often told that after making this soup, most people can’t go back to eating it anywhere else! It’s THAT GOOD!

Ready to Rethink Curry, grab it here and let’s get to cooking curry!