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Little Eataly Seasoning Blend

Little Eataly Seasoning Blend

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- All recipes included in QR Code sticker on packaging

- Packages measured in tablespoons so you know exactly how much to use for each recipe

- All natural ingredients

- No preservatives

- Naturally gluten-free

- Freshly dried herbs


The tomato powder in this Italian Blend sets this seasoning  apart from any other blend you’ll find on the market. Other ingredients like garlic, onion, basil and oregano will brighten up your meat sauce, marinara and add an Italian twist to roasted veggies. Go from “blah” to “Tah-Dah in minutes. Buon Appetito!

Weeknight Dinners Featuring Little Eataly Seasoning Blend


Kosher Salt, Parsley, Garlic Granules, Onion Granules, Pacific Sea Salt, Tomato Powder, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Rice Hull.

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