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February Dinner is Done Set

February Dinner is Done Set

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- All recipes included in QR Code sticker on packaging

- Packages measured in tablespoons so you know exactly how much to use for each recipe

- All natural ingredients

- No preservatives

- Naturally gluten-free

- Freshly dried herbs

 A weeknight meal plan for busy moms who want to serve their families easy and delicious dinners. What's Included in February's  Set: 

1 Packet Wok This Way Seasoning Blend 

1 Packet Little Eataly Seasoning Blend  

1 Packet Bistro Seasoning Blend 

1 Packet Suburban Curry Seasoning Blend

1 Packet Lou-Easy-Ana Seasoning Blend  

Free Downloadable Links Immediately Available Upon Purchase: 

16 Free Printable Easy, Weeknight Dinner Recipes 

4 Free Printable Weekly Grocery Lists

1 Free Printable Table Talk Questions 

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